Accelerating the worldwide adoption of renewable energy transportation
For years we have been hearing that EV’s would take over, but expensive cars that people can’t afford won’t change the world. This is why VEOS® designed the Inoa®, an EV that makes sense for everyone.
As transformative as the Inoa is, achieving widespread EV adoption, reducing fossil fuel use and combating climate change requires more than just building a car.
It requires creating a whole new paradigm of how we relate to transportation. By reimagining the way that EVs are designed, built, sold, used, maintained and insured, VEOS has created a new ecosystem and the first car that anyone can drive that will actually make a difference.

It has all the amenities you’d expect in an Electric Vehicle: Good range; autonomous safety features; 360 degree cameras; a powerful infotainment system and vehicle assistant; a roomy interior; ample cargo space and much more.
It’s all the things you DON’T expect that make the Inoa a game changer:
  • Base Price under $30,000
  • 600 mile range
  • HeliX operating system
  • Revolutionary user interface
  • Simple component upgrades
  • On demand activation of premium features
  • Designed and optimized for shared use
  • Incorporation of recycled and green components
  • Subscription based maintenance & insurance


With VEOS, everything is included!

In the world of EVs, VEOS not only designs, manufactures and produces the Inoa, we have created the software based ecosystem that all EVs can run on going forward.


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