The VEOS Team

Ben Daniels
Founder & CEO
Ben has 30 years of experience in starting and working with emerging companies.
He is the founder of SMG, LLC which designed and manufactured 2 and 3 wheeled on-road vehicles.
Ben holds a B.A. from Boston University, an M.D. from Hahnemann University School of Medicine and a PhD in Biomedical Engineering.
He is an experienced pilot with FAA Airline Transport Pilot and Certified Flight Instructor certificates.
Ben is a US Army veteran.
Alex Bradley
Chief Operating Officer
Alex has 25 years of extensive Operational and Strategic Leadership experience having delivered with excellence for clients like GE, and Schneider Electric as well as many other Fortune 100 companies, having lead teams of diverse professionals to achieve improved KPIs.
Alex recently solved a legacy complex operational workflows and improved them while saving long-term costs and increasing efficiencies.
Jesse Murdock
Chief Financial Officer
Jesse has worked in Corporate Development, Financial Management and Mergers and Acquisitions across various industries for 25 years.
He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Economics from the University of Texas, Austin, and an MBA from the A.B. Freeman School of Business at Tulane University.
Jesse is a US Marine Corp veteran.
Ramesh Nagappan
Chief Technical Officer
Ramesh is a recognized expert on Computer Encryption, having been a former Security Technologist at Oracle.
He has collaborated on 12 patents in computer and hardware security.
He holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s in Industrial Automation from the Indian Institute of Science, and a Master’s in Industrial automation from Harvard University.