About Veos, Inc.
VEOS was founded to accelerate the worldwide adoption of renewable energy transportation. To achieve this we have created the Inoa, an affordable Electric car designed and engineered for the shared economy, that will seamlessly integrate into users’ digital lifestyles. We have also created the Helix operating system, the DNA of our transformative ecosystem. Collectively, the Inoa, HeliX and the VEOS Ecosystem will redefine the relationship between drivers and their automobiles.
Automobiles are a major contributor to climate change. Internal Combustion Engine automobiles and light trucks produce nearly 20% of the total greenhouse gas emissions in the US. In fact, 20 pounds of CO2 is produced for every gallon of fuel burned. Increased greenhouse gasses lead to atmosphere warming, increasing volatile weather patterns and rising sea levels. One of the best ways to reduce greenhouse gasses is to transition from ICE to Electric Vehicles.
Unfortunately, EVs have not been widely adopted despite the bold predictions and incentives of the past decade. As of 2018 there were 272 million cars and light trucks in the U.S., however, only 1.2 million (less than 0.05%) were electric. EVs will not be widely adopted until they make more sense to use and own than comparable ICE counterparts.
VEOS recognizes that achieving the dream of widespread Electric Vehicles adoption requires a disruptive approach. That’s why VEOS is changing the way EVs are built, sold, used, owned, insured and maintained. We’ll do it by disaggregating the value chain and radically simplifying the manufacturing process, creating unique ownership options more in line with today’s consumer desires and less reliant on financing gimmicks. We’ll also provide an innovative model for feature upgrades that will allow a customer to enhance their driving experience as their needs shift. This is how VEOS will make EVs more convenient, cost effective and rewarding to drive than their legacy ICE counterparts.

Design • Innovate • Transform

The VEOS Inoa is more than a car, it’s a new dynamic in EV operations and technology.

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