The VEOS Mobile App

Coming soon the the App Store and Google Play

The App will be available for free download from the Apple App Store and Google Play and will be rated for all audiences. It will allow you to set up and manage your VEOS account, subscribe to cars and options, schedule cars, enter preferences and a multitude of other functions to manage and personalize your VEOS driving experience. Because we must adhere to all motor vehicle laws throughout the United States, you need to be legally allowed to drive a motor vehicle to create an account and join the VEOS revolution. The App requires you to submit personal information for us to verify your driving status. The information collected is for our use only and is submitted through a secure portal and is never sold to third parties.
If you want to subscribe to your own car you will need to enter a valid payment method. For account holders only driving as a guest of another registered user, no payment information is needed.  Under 18 can set up an account that is linked to a registered user’s account only with parent’s permission. Student drivers can create a student account that allows you to drive with a registered driver in accordance with the law.
Submit your contact information below and we will let you know as soon as the VEOS App is available for download. Welcome to the VEOS revolution!
“As a freshman college student, we are not allowed to have a car on campus. However, with the VEOS Marketplace I’ll be able to grab a car when I need one for a weekend home or a night out on the town. At 19, I’m too young to rent a car so this is the perfect solution to my transportation problems.”

Jane R.
College Student, Environmentalist

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