Reserve your Inoa now! VEOS is accepting reservations for our revolutionary Inoa all electric car, the first vehicle powered by HeliX. We expect to begin initial Inoa shipments by the end of 2024.
The reservation process is simple. Complete the reservation form at the bottom of this page, verify your email and cell phone number, and pay the $100 refundable reservation fee. As soon as these steps are completed we will send you a confirmation of your reservation. It’s that simple. Your place in line to get an Inoa as soon as they are available is now secured.
Reservation deposits can be paid by credit card or electronic check. Click the link to your preferred payment method at the bottom of this page and you will be taken to the secure payment portal co complete the transaction.
Once your reservation is complete, we will keep you informed with updates regarding the anticipated delivery date. Once we have a firm date when your Inoa will be available for delivery, we will contact you to arrange payment. If you decide at anytime to cancel your reservation, email us at and we will cancel your reservation and return your reservation deposit.
Terms for future Inoa reservations are subject to change without notice, however any future changes will not affect anu reservations already placed and confirmed.