HeliX: The DNA that Controls the New Paradigm in Transportation
HeliX is the heart of VEOS. It is the code that powers our innovation and the step into the next generation of electric vehicles. Currently HeliX controls the Inoa, but it will be compatible with suitably equipped EVs from other manufacturers in the future so they, too, will be able to boost adoption and utilization of their cars by enabling them to participate in our revolutionary and climate-friendly ecosystem.
HeliX provides flexibility in how you purchase, own and maintain your car. You don’t have to finance and insure the car on your own. You simply pay a monthly subscription fee based on the features and use model you select and that fee encompasses all use, maintenance and insurance so your vehicle never becomes a financial burden.
The proprietary HeliX system manages the intricacies of the vehicle sharing model, enabling seamless scheduling, placement and use of the fleet vehicles so shared use is as convenient as having a full-time vehicle in your driveway. The HeliX system also manages the subscription model ensuring that each vehicle is optimized for every user and allowing consumers to install pay-as-you-go upgrades or deactivate features that they no longer need. HeliX also controls the VEOS operating system, cloud-based user database and VEOS app, through which users manage their individual profiles and subscription preferences.
This powerful ecosystem will enable electric vehicles to fulfill the promise of elevating transportation to more than just a way of going from one place to another. HeliX will allow your car to integrate seamlessly into your lifestyle, exist in harmony with the environment, manage your work/life balance and simplify your budget.
EVA is VEOS’ Electric Vehicle Assistant, through which customers interact with their vehicles. This next-generation virtual assistant can control virtually every function in your car with just the sound of your voice.