Welcome to the VEOS USA registration area, available in the Inoa, on the VEOS App and the VEOS website. It is here that you’ll begin your journey into the HeliX system. In order to drive any car on the VEOS ecosystem you must first register as an authorized user. Creating a profile ensures that you can control your personal information for in-car purchases and that the car is set up to your preferences every time you enter. From seat position to climate preferences, your contacts, music and more. This information is stored in the cloud and enters the car with you. Once you exit the car, the information exits with you, so you never have to worry about the security of your data.

1) Enter your name, email, & cell phone number

2) Scan and upload your Driver’s License (or Learner’s Permit for a student account)

3) Enter payment information

4) Select a subscription plan or purchase a vehicle (users desiring to purchase a vehicle will be able to schedule a test drive)

5) Select options

6) Enter preferences, link to accounts such as Pandora or Sirius/XM radio subscriptions, email & cell phone accounts, etc.

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