The VEOS app is free to download from the Google Play Store or the App Store. It is rated for all audiences. The app allows users to set up VEOS accounts, select subscription and ownership plans, schedule vehicles, select options, enter preferences and a multitude of other functions to manage and personalize your VEOS experience. Because we must adhere to all motor vehicle laws throughout the United States, you need to be legally allowed to drive a car to create an account and join the VEOS revolution. The app requires users to submit personal information for us to verify your driving status. The information collected is for our use only and is never sold to a third-parties.
Users who want to subscribe to or purchase their own vehicles need to enter a valid payment method, however this is not necessary for users who intend to drive as a guest of another registered user. Users under 18 can set up an account with parental permission that is linked to a parent’s account. Student drivers can create a student account that allows driving with a registered driver in accordance with the law.
Welcome to the VEOS USA registration area. It is here where you’ll begin your journey into the HeliX system. The initial registration process is brief and can be completed in less than 5 minutes. Registration can be completed here on the website, on the VEOS app or in a VEOS Inoa or any other HeliX equipped car. If registration is completed here or in an Inoa it will be necessary to download the app and link it to your VEOS account.
1) Enter your name, email, & cell phone number
2) Scan and upload your Driver’s License (or Learner’s Permit for a student account)
This is all that is required for basic registration. Users who want to subscribe or purchase vehicles need to enter some additional information.
3) Enter payment information
4) Select a subscription plan or purchase a vehicle (users desiring to purchase a vehicle will be able to schedule a test drive)
5) Select options
6) Enter preferences, link to accounts such as Pandora or Sirius/XM radio subscriptions, email & cell phone accounts, etc.


VEOS offers a wide spectrum of subscription plans ranging from the user having an Inoa full time to different fractional use plans to use on demand. Users have the ability to customize their individual plan so it best fits their individual needs. All subscription plans include maintenance and insurance and some also include garaging.
Users have the option to purchase their Inoa outright. Purchase customers will have ability to purchase upgrades and options or subscribe to them on a monthly basis. The first year maintenance and insurance is included with purchase, after that both will be by subscription.
VEOS’ user verification process is simple. Because we must comply with all applicable state and federal motor vehicle laws, we need to verify that all users have a valid Driver’s License (or Learner’s Permit in the case of student drivers) and do not have revoked driving privileges in the applicable jurisdiction. Information users provide for verification purposes will not be used for any other purpose.
Monthly or use payments will be charged to the method of payment you chose when you first registered. If you need to update information or choose a different form of payment, go to your profile in the app and scroll to payments. Here’s where that information can be updated or changed.
When you choose to update your method of payment, an authorization code will be sent to you phone for verification of ownership. This will only happen once. You must verify the info using the code within 15 minutes of receipt of the code. VEOS accepts payment by all major credit cards, bank accounts, or cryptocurrency.
A unique authorization code will be sent to you via text message. This code must be inserted into the profile section of the app. Keep a copy of this code in a separate location in case your phone is stolen or destroyed.
You are now part of the VEOS family ready to start driving an Inoa and experiencing all the benefits of our HeliX software and the VEOS ecosystem. The more information you enter into your preferences and profile, the more customized your driving experience will be.

The Veos Inoa is more than just a car.

It’s a new way of owning and maintaining your electric vehicle.