Our first drivable prototype
VEOS created a hand built all electric drivable first generation proof of concept prototype to showcase and test elements of our exterior and interior design, evaluate various design options, gauge potential engineering, comfort, and style trade-offs, develop embedded software, optimize our transformative business concept, and identify upcoming technology improvements and vehicle updates.
It has all the amenities you’d expect in an Electric Vehicle: Good range; autonomous safety features; 360 degree cameras; a powerful infotainment system and vehicle assistant; a roomy interior; ample cargo space and much more.
It’s all the things you DON’T expect that make the Inoa a game changer:
In the world of EVs, VEOS not only designs, manufactures and produces the Inoa, we have created the software based ecosystem that all EVs can run on going forward.

Our prototype will become this once we start production