Here at Veos, we are constantly in a state of discovery and reimagining how EVs works and fit into our lives. Our software designers are always improving upoin the HeliX system while our engineers are continuing to imrove all aspects of the Inoa. Our current vehicle is a prototype and it was hand built to prove that HeliX and the EVA System work. They do!
The look, stance and finish of the Inoa continues to evolve. The drawings below show what we have in store for version 2 of our prototype. We have imagined both a 2 door and 4 door version of the sedan.
VEOS was created to produce an affordable Electric Vehicle engineered and designed for the shared economy that will seamlessly integrate into a driver’s digital lifestyle and facilitate widespread adoption of non-polluting green energy transportation. It is well established that automobiles are a major contributor to climate change. Internal Combustion Engine automobiles and light trucks produce nearly 20% of the total greenhouse gas emissions in the US. In fact, 24 pounds of CO2 and other greenhouse gasses are produced for every gallon of fuel burned. Greenhouse gasses lead to atmosphere warming, increasing volatile weather patterns and rising sea levels As of 2018 there were 272 million cars and light trucks in the U.S., however, only 1.2 million (less than 0.05%) were electric.

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Frequent firmware updates will keep your Inoa in top condition with all the latest bells and whistles that our engineers and software designers develop. Some upgrades may be small and go un-noticed while others will change the funtionality of the app and vehicle.

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